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What the world needs now may be love, sweet love… but what I really need is a vacation.  I’ve long since come to the conclusion that the “real world” sucks.  From the time you enter kindergarten all the way up through high school, you get summers off.  You get that week off at Thanksgiving, then again between Christmas and New Year’s.  Just when you think January couldn’t go any slower, February comes and along with it is winter break.  I’m so glad that we had at least 2 important Presidents born in February and even more greatful that they were born close enough together to warrant an entire week off from school.  March is exhaustingly long.  April comes and you get another week off for Spring Break.  May and June tend to drag out, but they throw you a bone with Memorial Day weekend, then if you can just hold on a little longer you get all of July and August off before returning starting all over again in September.  Nex thing you know, its college.  And what happens in college?  LONGER BREAKS!!!!!  All of June, July & August are off.  An entire month between December and January!  We’re supposed to be getting prepared for the real world, and our reward is even longer expanses of time off between responsibilities.  Not to mention the fact that every weekend is a 3 day weekend, because once you’ve gotten past first semester freshman year no one in their right mind takes Friday classes!  Then you graduate.  You’re looked at cockeyed by “grown ups” if you don’t get a full time job that starts 2 days after your commencement ceremony.  You’re plunged into a world of responsibility and maybe after a full year of working the powers that be toss you 5 vacation days and you smile from ear to ear. 

I’ve been out of college for nearly 8 years.  I haven’t had a summer or winter off in 9 years.  My brain has still not accepted the fact that I don’t get those months off like I used to.  It punishes me with distraction, making the work I have to do even more mentally exhausting than it normally is. I get that buisnesses, governments & other employers can’t shut down for weeks at a time,  but seriously.  All I want is a couple days off.  Is that too much to ask?

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