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Reasons why having a personal assistant would be awesome:

1) First and foremost, you can tell people “I have a personal assistant.”

2)  I could cook whatever I wanted, but not have to clean up after myself.

3)  Anytime I wanted something, but didn’t feel like going to get it, I could send my assistant.

4) By not having to do stupid things that I don’t want to do, I’ll have ample time to do things I do want to do.

I’m  sure there are more, but for now, those will do.

I think I want someone like Alice from the Brady Bunch, but without her creepy references to Sam the Butcher. 

I don’t think I could afford to pay to have a personal assistant, but I think I may be able to take on an unpaid intern.  I will show them the ropes on what they need to do to assist someone, but I wouldn’t get mad at them if they messed up.  After all, they’d be learning.

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