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Who decided that the official Americanized St. Patrick’s day meal was going to be corned beef and cabbage?  Did people just sit around one day discussing Irish food and unilaterally decide that boiling meat & cabbage together was a good idea?  There are plenty of Irish foods that taste infinitely better than that disgusting concoction.

For example,  Shepherd’s Pie – ground meat with onions, peas & carrots in gravy topped off with champ (aka mashed potatoes), smothered in Irish cheddar and baked. Delicious.

What’s really ridiculous is according to this official looking website, “corned beef is not traditionally Irish at all – Bacon and Cabbage is.” I’m not saying we should all start eating bacon and cabbage. Why not skip the cabbage all together?  I hate to be crass, but cabbage makes people very very gassy.  So does beer.  There’s no way you can convince people to stop drinking on St. Patrick’s day, but why exponentially increase the flatulence by adding boiled cabbage into the mix?

I truly think a better candidate for St. Patty’s dinner is the aforementioned Shepherd’s pie.  Or maybe some bangers and mash (everyone loves sausage).  Hell even a hearty Irish stew or a hunk of soda bread with some tasty dubliner cheese.

Just a word of warning… should you decide to eat out at an Irish pub, stay far, far away from the “pudding”.  This is NOT a tasty snack pack of chocolately puddingy goodness.  It’s meat and wheat and rice and other stuff all pureed together and stuffed into a casing.  If that’s not horrifying enough, Black Pudding is all of that lovely stuff mixed with pigs blood.  Definitely not the yummy dessert food of your youth.

In closing, I think this year should be the year that we say no to sub-par fake Irish food.  Down with corned beef.  Screw off cabbage.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.



Barf on a plate.

Barf on a plate.

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